44th Drive Pier & DEP Outfall Construction

Serving the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation

MFM Contracting was tasked with reconstructing the deteriorated 44th Drive Pier and DEP outfall along the East River in Long Island City.

East River Pier Construction Scope

The outfall construction work included removing the pier deck and timber piles, driving new concrete-filled open-end pipe piles, placing a new structural steel framework, and placing a new concrete deck slab. MFM also replaced a 66-inch sewer outfall with a new reinforced concrete pipe and poured-in-place concrete encasement.

Ahead of Schedule & Under Budget

The project was completed within budget and six months ahead of schedule.

What is Outfall Construction or Marine Outfall Construction?

An outfall in general is the “discharge point of a waste stream into a body of water; alternatively it may be the outlet of a river” where it discharges into the sea, a lake or the like. A marine outfall is a pipeline or tunnel that discharges municipal, storm water or other waters to the sea.

Project Photos

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