Roadway Reconstruction

Roadway reconstruction in New York City involves multiple agencies, disciplines and areas of expertise. MFM Contracting Corp provides this expertise for critical street construction projects.

Experience with complex projects

Our experience with complex projects and work with many contracting agencies enables us to help rebuild New York City.
We have extensive experience in infrastructure and utility construction solutions. Water, natural gas and steam main construction. These areas of construction are often tied together in New York City.
We coordinate safety and planning with the neighborhoods and businesses near construction areas.

Examples Critical Street Construction for NYC

We completed work on the Phase I of the 34th Street Transitway project. We added New “Bus Bulbs”. These realigned the existing curbs to allow for safer and faster access to MTA bus service. We replaced aging distribution water mains, electric, natural gas, telephone & fiber optic facilities. MFM installed new sewer chambers, box culverts and 72″ diameter concrete pipe.

Work on One of the most complex water systems in the world

Our work on a Worth Street reconstruction project was part of a joint bid. It involved a mass excavation project. We installed a new trunk water main between Hudson Street and Park Row. Connected to the already installed water system shaft to the west at Hudson Street, a series of 48″ and 36″ diameter steel trunk mains are being installed below Worth Street, to become part of one of the most complex water systems in the world.

Early Completion of Complex Projects

The Broadway Avenue reconstruction project was a joint bid too. This included another mass excavation project. MFM’s extensive experience working within heavily congested utility locations, as well as our ability to perform gas and steam work directly, were critical to the early completion of this complex project. The project installed 3,400 LF of distribution water main, 1,990 CY of concrete road base and 6,200 SY of asphalt pavement. We replaced and improved aged water main and utility structures. This work happened below the iconic Canyon of Heroes, from Anne Street to Rector Street.
Other examples of street and utility construction can be found in our work on Boller Ave and Needham Ave. This project required street reconstruction, plus, utility relocation and infrastructure work (below the street). MFM worked with residents to coordinate and communicate safely and effectively.

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