Worth Street Reconstruction

Roadway construction Project

The Worth Street reconstruction project is a joint bid, mass excavation project intended to install a new trunk water main between Hudson Street and Park Row. MFM Contracting Corp won a competitive contract bid (HWMWTCA7E). The NYC DDC (New York City Department of Design and Construction see also NYC DDC Wiki) contracted our work This critical installation is part of the City’s ongoing efforts to improve the distribution of water throughout Lower Manhattan.

Extensive Reconstruction work along MTA subway tunnels

As part of this project, MFM has also been tasked with replacing aged water mains, sewers, street lights, traffic signals, curbs, sidewalks, roadway construction plus private utilities throughout. The extensive limits of the project traverse five MTA subway tunnels actively serving 13 subway lines. This is a unique challenge, along with coordinating work around active utility facilities, including natural gas, steam, electric, telephone and fiber lines.

Reconstruction Safety

During this project, MFM successfully and safely maintains access to buildings, driveways, businesses, subway entrances and other various needs of the surrounding community.

Roadway Construction combined with complex Utility Infrastructure

MFM’s extensive experience working within heavily congested utility locations, as well as our ability to perform gas and steam work directly, provides invaluable benefit to both the project’s performance and schedule. Overall, the project plans to install 4,500 LF of steel trunk water main, 6,500 LF of distribution water main, 4,800 CY of concrete road base and 20,000 SY of asphalt pavement.

Project Photos

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