Reconstruction of Broadway

The Broadway Street reconstruction project was a joint bid(HWMWTCA6A), mass excavation project intended to replace and improve aged water main and utility structures below the iconic Canyon of Heroes, from Anne Street to Rector Street.

Critical Manhattan water distribution project

This critical project was part of the City’s ongoing efforts to improve the distribution of water throughout Lower Manhattan. The project successfully upgraded and added to one of the most complex water systems in the world.

As part of this project, MFM Contracting Corp. replaced aged sewers, specialty street lights, traffic signals, roadways and private utility facilities throughout.

Meeting Challenges of Construction Projects near MTA Transit Hub

The limits of the project ran directly above an active MTA subway tunnel and was directly adjacent to the MTA’s new Fulton Street Transit Hub. This challenged MFM to maintain access to one of the City’s largest subway stations while it was being completely rebuilt. MFM met this challenge along with coordinating work around active utility facilities, including natural gas, steam, electric, telephone and fiber lines.

Maintaining Safe community access during reconstruction

MFM also successfully and safely maintained access to buildings, driveways, businesses, subway entrances and other various needs of the surrounding community, including its proximity to Wall Street and the WTC Memorial and Museum.

Important Deadlines – Restoring Roadway in Days for 2015 parade

MFM was also able to fully restore the roadway in a matter of days for the City’s ticker tape parade for the 2015 Women’s World Cup Champion soccer team.


Project Photos

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