Utility & Street Reconstruction of Boller & Needham Avenues

Street Re-Construction Work Scope

MFM Contracting Corp won a competitive contract bid (HWXP093B). Then, we completed reconstruction on Boller & Needham avenues. This project involved several types of construction. It included street, utility relocation and infrastructure work (below the street).
The NYC DDC (New York City Department of Design and Construction see also NYC DDC Wiki) contracted our work.

High Level Goals of Construction work on Boller & Needham Ave

  • Work in close communications with residents.
  • Meet or exceed expectations of NYC DDC under contract awarded from competitive bid.
  • Perform reconstruction of settled roadways on Boller & Needham Avenues
  • Install a new water trunk main

Details of Construction project

This infrastructure construction project included:

pile driving, support of excavation, removal of non hazardous contaminated material, excavation, concrete curb, sidewalks, catch basins, fencing and paving. Extensive private utility relocation and capital work was also performed.

The images from this project highlight the complexity of the project. They only hint at the experience that MFM Contracting Corp employs to serve the DDC, NYC and residents.

Project Photos

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